Wednesday, May 4, 2011


  1. Rachael,
    Your posts are refreshing. Being a lady seems to be a lost art. I'm very happy that my husband doesn't want me to dress trashy, and I'm glad that the friends I have chosen don't either.
    Society has lowered it's standards terribly over the years. I wish for the classic styles to come back, and the modesty. I'm no prude, but I don't need a peep show every time I go outside my front door.
    As for the feminist movement? How has it helped anything? Women aren't raising their kids, taking care of the home and loving their husbands.
    All the feminist movement has done is break down the family. Sick!

  2. Incredible! I am so glad you are not afraid to voice your opinions Rachael. I completely agree with this entire post. Feminism is overrated, at least the type of feminism I hear about all the time. Women can be alluring without being lusty, and I believe the classier the better. Standards are important, and I think people have forgotten that.

  3. Ok... as a feminist I just have to comment! TRUE feminism has not broken down the family.. TRUE feminism is the mentality that everyone (men and women) are equal. Meaning that men AND women should be allowed to work (or stay home if they can afford it), men AND women should take a significant role in child rearing, men AND women should clean up the home, men AND women should be allowed to vote, men AND women should be allowed to own property... so on and so forth.

    We have come so far as women, and to hear other women saying that the feminist movement hasn't helped anything breaks my heart. You have the ability to do WHATEVER you choose to do, you are not a persons property but a whole person, and you set the bar when it comes to your dreams -- because of the feminist movement.

    In reguards to clothing, yes please wear whatever you want... but for so long women have only had their bodies as leverage and it's time that we start showing off our minds as well! Smart, confident women need to start setting an example and show other women that they don't need big boobs to get a management job, a tiny waist in order to get a man, or even know how to do laundry in order to feel like a success.

    First impressions speak loudly, and some women need a reminder that their minds can speak a little louder than their bodies and they won't be punished for it.

    xx, Kara

  4. I love this post. I can't really add any more to what you've already said.

  5. Kara,

    You pretty much summed up everything I was going to say, so, thank you.

  6. @Kara, well said!

    And I adore this post. Working in the beauty industry I've come to realize how little people actually understand about beauty itself... or at least TRUE beauty.

    We are definitely of a Western mindset in that we want a quick fix rather than using preventative methods. The best beauty tricks I've learned are to drink lots of water, eat REAL food (and LOTS of it!!) and to be happy. Then you see the lines around your eyes for what they really are: not wrinkles. Just evidence of a life well lived. :)

  7. being a lady to me means having a choice to be whatever i want. maybe i don't want to be your definition of classy -- that doesn't mean i'm not a true woman. feminism is about the freedom to be who you are and do what you want without being told you're somehow LESS for it. all those women on that macro? they're still women. some of them may make bad choices and some may do things because of a misconstrued sense of beauty, but they are still ladies all the same.

  8. Her blog, her opinion. If you don't like it, don't read it. No one is telling you what to do. She is just expressing her thoughts and opinions. Don't take it so personal. You don't seem very lady like at all.

  9. I love this!! I'm so happy that I've decided to stalk your blog (no creepiness intended). I love acting lady like, and I love being proud of who I am as a woman.


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