Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome To Clair!

I am so excited to introduce my newest sponsor.. Clair! She is an artist and she paints some beautiful things! I just may have a portrait of Mowgli done some day.... 

1.Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a full time painter and since the economy took a dive, I stumbled on pet portraiture  – turns out I like painting dogs, a lot. They make me smile.

2. Tell us a bit about what your shop?
I try to do a painting a day in combination with my pet commissions, so there is a mix of everything.

3. What do you hope to accomplish over the next 2 years.
I would like to learn, improve skills, keep enjoying painting & have enough large paintings for a big show.

4. What is something not many know about you?
I’m a recovering alcoholic – almost 15 years sober.

5. What is your dream vacation?
Fuji, in one of those houses over the water with the glass floor so you can see the fish swimming around while your having coffee and dark chocolate. :)

My goodness! Aren't these beautiful?!
Check out here Shop, Blog and Website
Thanks Clair!!

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  1. There's such a depth and interesting quality to her work!


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