Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vlog Number 3, Update on Mowgli

Mowgli seems to be doing about the same. Sometimes it seems he is able to curl his tail. He likes being hand fed treats, and being told he is beautiful. He dislikes not being able to play.
I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. He lost control of his bladder while we were snuggling and sleeping.. so that means it was a long night with very little blankets.

I miss my happy little pup. I just want him to prance around the house like he used to... The way he pranced would make his ears bounce up and down... and it was so silly looking.
His poor back legs that stick out awkwardly.


  1. I'm soooo worried for you. I looked online but only could find spinal issues. Which your vet already ruled out by dueing an x-ray. Poor little guy :(

  2. Awww I wish I could come give you a hug!!! And Mowgli...poor wee guy!!! I really hope he gets better soon!!! It's so hard seeing your pet being ill like that, it's not fair on their little bodies. :( And I hope that you also get better soon too! Sick for a week and now taking care of Mowgli? Maybe he's going out in sympathy with you! And when you get better, he will! Here's hoping! xx

  3. Bless his little heart :( get well soon, Mowgli!

  4. this video made me sad! poor little guy... i look forward to giving him some love tomorrow, and you shall receive a coupon i made for infinite hugs, redeemable at any time of your choosing. you can't find THOSE in the newspaper ads! ;) keep smiling. xo

  5. :( i'm about ready to cry for you and mowgli. i know exactly how you feel. be strong! do they know what happened?

  6. I have been sending little prayers to Mowgli. I have faith that he will get better. Keep staying strong for him.

  7. Are his legs cold? If so, ask your vet about the possibility of thrombosis. I know a dog who experienced something similar to what Mowgli's going through, and that's what it turned out to be.
    Lots of love and nice thoughts for you and Mowgli <3

  8. I am thinking lots about little mowgli and sending him good thoughts<3

  9. Sending good vibes from my pup Winston over to Mowgli!!
    Have you and him been anywhere that he might get bitten by a tick? Check him over really well for a tick. Between his toes, in his ears, in his arm pits. Dog nipples sometimes look like ticks. Make sure you aren't missing a tick there, too. Getting bitten by a tick can cause tick paralysis. Vomiting and leg paralysis are often the first signs in humans, and same for animals.
    I hope he gets better!


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