Thursday, March 10, 2011


  1. If you cry it doesn't mean that you are weak; it means you have been strong for too long.

  2. Hang in there, kiddo. Things WILL get better. You don't know me but I like your hats on Etsy and think you're a beautiful soul. I've enjoyed reading your heartfelt thoughts on your blog. When I divorced 15 years ago I kind of went into hibernation for a year and limited my outside contacts to the essentials. I needed that healing time and used it to read a lot, take self-help classes & workshops, and generally just work on myself.

    I'm a smart guy and should know better, but I still felt that a part of my life had failed. So I had to work through that. And I did. Now I'm in a much better place than when I was married, and am much happier. You can do this, too. You have a beautiful energy that the world needs.


  3. Take care of yourself & Mowgli :)
    Feel better soon.

  4. aww, honey, i know the feeling all too well. thanks for posting this! please feel better.


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