Monday, March 14, 2011

Hospital Stay

Mowgli took a turn for the worse. His tummy became swollen on one side and he was looking very miserable. I felt helpless and scared, watching his head jerk back and forth as his front legs twitch. Once again Brad came to my rescue and we took him to another vet.
We talked to a chiropractor for dogs. She adjusted his back, gave him a big ol shot and told him he was pretty. (He needs to be told he is pretty at least 10 times a day) I liked this doctor much better than the first one.

Mowgli is spending the night at the hospital tonight, I'm not sure if he will be home tomorrow. We are meeting with an orthopedic specialist tomorrow to see what we can do for my little pup. 
I cried as I got back in the car with Brad. I instantly missed him. Thoughts of him being scared, alone and in pain make me tear up. Plus, neither of us are used to not snuggling with each  other.

I packed his favorite toys to keep him company, and left him with a big kiss.

Thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed me, and offered advice and words of comfort.

 Mowgli and I sure do appreciate it.


  1. Aww he's in the best possible place so if he does get any worse, they are right there to help him!! :)

  2. very true, the vet is the safest place for him to be. I Hope he gets well soon!

  3. Hugs to you! I know how tough it is to not have him to snuggle with. My little poodle is always attached to my side, whether in bed or on the couch. It wouldn't be right if he wasn't there with me.
    I hope that whatever is wrong with Mowgli, they will be able to help.

  4. I'm sorry to hear his condition got worse :( It sounds like Mowgli is a very lucky pup to have an owner who cares about him so much. I'll keep you both in my thoughts!

  5. Oh no!! Poor Mowgli!! I am sure he will get better! He is with excellent people that will be there for him if anything happens!
    Don't worry, he will be back home with you, cuddling, before you know it!! :)
    Hugs!!! xoxoxo

  6. Good luck good luck good luck Mowgli x x x

  7. Oh dear, leaving them does suck but yeah- he is in the best possible hands and have professionals keeping an eye on him. The new vet sounds much better, and I always love when they talk to the pet like they are their own. Did she give a diagnosis yet? I'm thinking positive thoughts!

  8. Good luck little Mowgli! I'm sorry to hear about your sick pup Rach. I will be sending you both happy positive feel-better vibes!

  9. My little pouch had to stay the night for tests as well. It's for the best. They can monitor him to see what they see as wrong vs what you tell them. I believe the little guy will be alright. I'm so sorry for you and him. *hugz*


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