Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Spring

I went out in search of a few spring buds. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. 
The fact that color and beauty always follows dark dreary weather makes me happy. 
Today was still pretty dreary, but I was determined to find a bit of spring's beauty hidden somewhere.
Then the strangest thing happened.
As I started to look for beauty, I started to find even more.
Even though the weather was still dreary and cold.
There is always beauty to be found.

I think that's just how life goes...
Life can seem dreary, cold and gray.
But the more you look  the more beauty you can find.

(Even if it starts to snow while you are out looking for spring.)


  1. Beautiful :) its the most simple of beauty's that are so extravagant <3

  2. Lovely pictures!!

  3. i love the green leaves coming up through the branches <3


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