Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sponsor Talk2thetrees!

Talk2thetrees is currently accepting sponsorship from independent businesses, shops and blogs!

How it works:
Your ad will go up on the first of the month.
Large ads are listed first, then small ads.
All sponsors will be included in a featured/welcome post sometime during the month.
You can make your own button ad or I can make you a custom button for $10. 
If you make your own, please be sure it's the right size!

Monthly Rates:
Currently, large ads are $15, and small ads are $8 per month. I accept PayPal and will email sponsors at the first of the month. You could advertise for one month, or a whole year. It's up to you and there is no contract.
Prices are subject to change based on blog stats.

 I can make you a custom button for an additional $10. I will include HTML for you to use on your own blog. 
I will also do a featured post on each of my sponsors throughout the month that they sign up.
Blog Info:
Talk2thetrees was launched in 2008, (though not updated regularly until November 2009). T2TT has been consistently gaining new visitors and followers ever since. Currently, according to Google Analytics, Talk2thetrees receives over 6000 different visitors a week and over 12,000 page views a week. I am also on twitter with over  3600 followers and use Facebook  with nearly 1000 likes and over 1000 friends. I use these sites daily to promote any new posts, tutorials, or featured sponsors. I post on average 5 times a week.

Ready to advertise? Have any Questions?
Email me at

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