Monday, January 31, 2011

Cream and Lace

This last month I had the opportunity to model for my friend incredibly talented friend Chelsea. We went to the local cemetery with another friend Katy. The three of us have seriously known each other since we were little girls... but we lost touch as the years went by, so it was really fun to get together for a little while.

The weather was freezing and chilly... but I had such a good time. Chelsea is extremely creative, talented and very soft spoken. It was fun to take pictures with her. She recently moved to Mississippi, and I hope when she gets back we can do more photos. 

Both girls were so much beautiful and so much fun to work. It almost made me forget about the cold.

Check out Chelsea's blog and facebook!


  1. How enchanting!!!
    She is so talented!! I love the background and the beautiful camera angles!!! PS I LOVE your outfits!! So lovely!!

  2. oh wow chelsea sounds like a very cool girl, the photos are beautiful, they look like scans from a magazine!

  3. You are the BEST Rachael! I was so lucky to get to work with you both! :)

  4. I'm a sucker for lace. Those are some gorgeous photos!

  5. Amazing! :D Must have been chilly but fun haha

  6. those are awesome!! i really love the one where you are laying in each others laps. so pretty!!!

  7. The photos look great. They look like they are out of a professional fashion magazine.


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