Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change Is In The Air

Right now, I'm very ready for change.
Fall is on it's way here and I couldn't be more excited!
Fall always means change to me.
I love fall, I love the way the leaves change. 
I am so lucky to be where I am because fall seems to last way longer here than it does in Utah. 

Utah's falls last only a few weeks. 
The leaves change and then it gets too cold and icy they just turn brown and disappear under the snow!  

The falls out here last months. The trees stay bright red and orange. 
The forests literally look painted. 
I love it. 
"Painted Leaves"

This painting was inspired by the painted leaves of fall, falling off the trees.

Change is in the air. I can feel it.

First off, I have just listed a big bunch of new hats. 

I understand not everyone is the pixie type. Not everyone wants to have a point on their hats. This hat is perfect for those "Forest-Folk" who do not feel like looking like a pixie.
These hats are made to order.. because I kind of just fall in love with each hat I make, and wear them all the time.

I have also just listed two new collages.
Prints are also available for these.
I love texture. I love color. I love pattern. I love cute inspirational quotes.

Some more changes that I see:
I am going to have a second bedroom in my new apartment! 2nd Bedroom= studio! I will finally have my very own place to paint and create! More importantly.. store all of my supplies.

I am going to be cooking more! I really am a good cook promise. (My mom taught me well.) 
I just have been lazy, and busy and blah blah excuse after excuse.
These last few months of living in hotels and halfway moved in apartments have made me really want to cook! We've had to eat out a lot lately, and I'm sick of it! 
I will be cooking wonderful dinners twice a week or more and reporting it here. 
It will keep me motivated.

I will also be clearing out some of the older items in my shop. 
It's very full right now, and I'm ready to retire some of the older stuff. 
My shop has almost been open for a whole year now! (Wow, I can't believe that.)
So I feel like it's time for a change in my shop. 
Out with the old, in with the new. I have not yet decided which items will be retired yet. 
I will try and post them soon.

Like I said... I can't wait for fall. It means Halloween! 
Another change for me.. When it comes to Halloween I focus on scary and spooky. 
I can't wait to share some of my Halloween Art with you!
I hope you still like me after I show that dark side of mine... 
So, what's your favorite season? Do you have any big changes coming up?

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Elements

Each of the elements are associated with traits and meanings as well as directions on the compass.
 Fire is purifying, and associated with the south. Fire is connected to strong will and energy, it creates and destroys. Fire can heal or harm and can bring on new life or destroy old and worn.
Fire Signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Fire signs are prone to sudden illuminating flashes of insights and bursts of enthusiasm, like fire, they can flare up when inspired making them seem very passionate about life. They like to live large and often feel frustrated by mundane chores and duties. Fire signs are known to be intuitive and rely on gut instincts, going on faith and inner guidance.
 Earth is considered the ultimate feminine element. This element is associated with the north. The earth is fertile and stable. Earth is nurturing and stable, solid and full of strength. The astrology signs associated with Earth are Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Earth signs are known to blend with their natural habitat, and are sensual. They engage life using all senses. Earths are very productive and able to create tangible results.
 Water is a feminine energy, related to the west. Water is used for healing, cleansing and purification. This sign is associated with passion and emotion.
Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Water signs are attuned to waves of emotion and seem to have built in sonar for reading moods. They have special sensitivity in relationships and have the ability to absorb vibes from others.
Air is the element of the east, connected to the soul and the breath of life, wisdom and powers of the mind. Air carries away your troubles, blows away strife and carries positive thoughts to those who are far away.
Air Signs are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.
Air signs use their minds to make sense of their lives, Air signs can appear to be detached, aloof, remote and cool. Air's are flexible and are often excellent communicators and storytellers.

Which Element are you? I myself am fire

Awww, it's good to be back. I opened the shop back up. (Yessssuh!) I listed these 4 new paintings/prints. I will be listing new hats and new paintings later tomorrow!

I will be moving into a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment this Wednesday. It's the same apartment complex that I lived in during the summer. This means that beautiful forest will still be there.. even though I won't be in the same unit. Things are going to be back to normal soon.. I can feel it!


Taylor and his friend hooked up the internet just for one night to play video games. I feel like I'm scavenging the remains. I'm not sure if that's the correct term.. but it's what I'm doing. I may have just heard the term on The Discovery Channel... Maybe that's why I picked it.

Anyways.. I feel just a bit empty. I miss running my little Etsy Shop. It makes me feel like I have a purpose I guess. Silly... I know, but true. I also miss living in an actual "home." ... only a few more days until I will be back!

 We haven't "moved in" here because we know we are just going to be moving in a few days. Sadly it will be to another hotel for a week or two.. and then to an apartment. I have now been "homeless" for 2 months. I just can't wait until things get back to normal. Where I can set up my tea sets, put dishes in the cupboards, light candles, hang paintings, vacuum, cook dinners, have morning tea, you know.. all that homey stuff. Oh, I can't wait.

BUT I will have you know.... I have not just been sitting around watching The Discovery Channel, (or History Channel and Sci-Fi Channel) I've been working hard to fill my shop even more. I can't wait to show you. Hopefully soon I can start posting my new paintings and hats.

For now, please enjoy pictures of my current "home."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At The Office

This office has great internet.. so I thought I would check in..  This week has been quite the week.

I've been without internet all week and it's been pretty good. Lots of time to paint and create. In about a week I will be adding 7 new hats and 6 new paintings...(and counting) I've been busy!

I also just found out we will be moving again. Probably next Monday back to Little Rock. I'm not too happy about all this moving, but one thing I look forward to is this next move will last a lot longer. 8 beautiful months of staying in one place. Putting up decorations and having a place to call "Home." (I still can't believe Arkansas will be home.)

Last Saturday my cousin Jeff passed away. He was in a motorcycle accident early in the morning. He was only a few years older than me. Him and I got along quite well. We played "Indians" when we were little. We would sneak fruits and veggies from my mom's garden and make our own small meals. We would also "hunt" with my dad's bows and arrows. (I couldn't even shoot it.)
When we grew older he stayed at our house for several months. We stayed up watching old TV shows and talking late into the night. I even recall telling him how I wanted to cut my hair off and bleach it blond. He was the one who told me to go for it.

I'm really going to miss him. I feel the worst for his family though.. My Aunt Bonnie lost her two year old son several years ago, and now she is going through another loss. I can't image the pain her and my uncle and the rest of my cousins are going through. Please remember my Aunt Bonnie and her family in your prayers..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation Mode

Wow, I am currently blogging from my phone. We don't have internet here.. And we found out we might only be living here for one week. Some move huh? Oh well. I'll do what I can to explore and live it up so it will seem longer. I just won't be able to post pictures for a little while. Lame. You know how much I love pictures..

Life has just become a bit much to handle for a bit.. I won't go into details.. It's just so many moves and so much packing, death in the family, job confusion and trying to run my shop..

I guess I get to take a little vacation from the internet. The shop is currently on "vacation" too. I don't mind a little blogging on my phone, but running a shop would be a bit much.
So while there is no internet I will be focusing on making new things, and exploring..
But I already miss normal blogging, and I already miss looking at all of your blogs!
Don't forget about me! ;)

Oh, and if you have an open order, it will still be shipped out on time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Move..

We didn't get a lot of sleep last night. 

Yesterday we found out that we are moving to Memphis. It might be only for a week, it could be longer. 
This move was quite unexpected, but we had no choice so we agreed to move.
We just had one problem...

We have a lot of stuff.

I don't know how it happened, we were able to fit everything into our car from North Carolina and get it to Arkansas. We've only been in Arkansas for 3 months but we can't get everything into our car. So after a 4:30 am Walmart trip we had it figured out. We're going to strap stuff to the roof of our car. 
We got to bed around 5 am. 
Then the calls started to come in.. 
We were needed in Memphis Friday morning. Sooner than we thought.

We tried going back to sleep after that. Just as we started to doze off another call would come in, or a text, or a voicemail. Finally just around 10 am when we were about to fall asleep another call came in.

The call we were waiting for.
Taylor got his promotion. A job he had been hoping to get all summer. 

We were beyond excited.
There was no going to sleep after that. 
 We tried.

As I tried falling back asleep I thought to myself how awesome my husband is. 
His hard work allows me to stay home and run Talk2thetrees
I get to play all day while he works.
His work also allows us to travel and go on adventures.
He had been working hard for 2 years now and now has the job he wanted. 
I am so proud of him and so very thankful. 

I felt like telling him all of this so I rolled over to check to see if he was sleeping. 
He wasn't. 
He was too excited.
I gave him a big hug and told him how much I appreciate him.

And today we will be packing up all of stuff, cramming it into (and on top of) our little carolla and moving to Memphis.  

All on only a few hours of sleep.

I love the way life changes sometimes...

Love Bomb

The internet is full of crazy things.  
We all know the filth that can be found on the internet, but there is also so much beauty to be found. 
Not only beauty but the internet has become a journal.

The internet is a place where people share their lives with strangers. Where people share their hopes, dreams and accomplishments. It's also a place where they can share their sadness and their worries.

You are probably reading this because you too have a blog.
You love to write about your life and you love to read about others.

But you can do more.

  Love Bomb is a project of ItStartsWith.Us. Once a week we come together to drop hundreds of love bombs (in the form of blog comments) for those who need it most. Subscribe via email below or follow on Tumblr, and join us in our missions. It only takes 5 minutes a week!

We are dropping today's Love Bomb on a woman named Katie. 

Katie was suggested by Amy, one of our team members. In Amy's own words:

"This sweet, creative girl has lost her brother and brother-in-law, and now just found out her dad likely has pancreatic cancer (and it's serious) and is beyond devastated. He had a procedure and they are awaiting test results (due on Wed.). She can use all the support she can get."

This woman has already been through so much, and she is very close to her father. On her blog she talks a little bit about who he is to her: 

"I do not know what I would do without my Dad.  What he adds to my life is not replaceable. He is always the voice of reason, the giver of wise advice and the preventer of near disasters.  Really.  For a lot of people, he is their rock."
Losing a family member creates such a painful void - please join me in comforting and loving on Katie and she struggles through all of this. 
You can comment on her blog post here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventures in Black and White

I can't wait for fall. 
Fall means change, and I need a change. 

Summer is nice, but fall is my favorite.