Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reason To Smile

My mother introducing Mowgli to Millie..
who for the first three days tried to kill Mowgli.
Seeing old friends and taking silly pictures.
Mowgli's hatred for snow.
Tas the cat who's hatred for Mowgli kept him from moving around with us.. 
(They are getting along better now.)
Mozzarella Caprasi

Big Kitties and Little Sisters
 All the beautiful mountains.
The tree I used to talk to most when I was little.
The beauties that still held on after the big storm.
 Mowgli's new beard.

Tree tops

Taking fun self portraits.
Mowgli has another reason to hate winter
Beautiful gift from my dad.

No matter how dark the times.. there is always a reason to smile.. 
In my case, there are plenty of reasons.

 Thank you to everyone who left me a sweet comment or wrote me an encouraging email... 
Your kind words have been one of  my biggest reasons to smile.


  1. It looks like you are in the right place - surrounded by beautiful scenery and loving people!

  2. Pictures of somewhere I actually recognize!

    I am so happy you've chosen to focus on the positive in your life and smile, you're an inspiration to us all. :)

    I love that big Kitty!

  3. i loooove this post. keep thinking like this and you will never run out of reasons to beam happiness. :)

  4. Seeing the gift from your Dad got me choked up. Parents are awesome in our time of need. Hang in there!
    Hugs xoxoxox

  5. That top picture has really made me smile , also wow i would love that necklace.
    Your newest follower

  6. So happy that you're smiling! You are one amazing lady!


  7. NOW!!!! I love snow, but sadly I live in Texas so I never really get to see it. I love all of these pictures! Great job! I think I have to learn how to make the mozerella caprisi. Do you have a recipe for it?

  8. NOW was supposed to be snow. My computer has been all wonky lately. Sorry. ;)

  9. What a darling kitty!!! And I love the pictures of the puppies!!!! How adorable!!!!!
    Glad that they are getting along better now!!! :)
    All these photos are so beautiful and that is a lovely necklace from your dad. What a sweetie!
    Hope you are having a magical day!!!!

  10. I'm glad to see you're finding reasons to smile. :)

    P.S., That is a gigantic cat!

  11. I remember you loving that tree when you were little. :) You have such a beautiful way at looking at things around you. I am inspired by your beautiful pictures and great attitude. Keep that chin up girl!

  12. Now you made -me- smile! :D I love those self portraits, the colors are amazing, and Mowgli is so cute. I understand his hatred for snow, with those tiny legs it can't be easy..

  13. This blog made me smile too. The whole time. Thanks! I love those pics:)

  14. You're pictures always put a smile on my face, so pretty!

    Love the big cat, I want one so much.

  15. Your pictures made me look at what I thought was common everyday, even boring things look spectacular. You sure have a way with a camera! Glad you got to come home for a bit xoxoxoxoo

  16. Well hello there. This is random. Really random (or not?). I was trying to figure out how Pay Pal worked so that I could purchse the elephant totem necklace for a friend (she will LOVE it). Then I noticed you live in Provo and have a blog.

    I live in Salt Lake City. Your pictures are beautiful. And I thought I would say hello :)

  17. Great photos, great blog and I'm following! Plus, I've added your button in my "ladies of interest" sidebar. Have a great one!


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