Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've been sick for the past week. 
Sore throat, fever, stuffy nose.. you know.. a cold. 
The weather outside has been cold and a bit bitter. 
I've been staying inside this week.. 
sweat pants, no make up, just working on hats being and comfy. 
I'm not complaining entirely,
I just wishing this stuffy nose would leave. 
Plus I would like to have a life outside of knitting,
just once. (Insert winking face)

My week has been busy with hats and trying to get better. 
So far I have:
Knitted with a pup snuggling on my lap.
Got my nails done by my little sister. 
I laughed the whole time. (Ticklish feet)
Drank delicious tea from a tea straw, a gift from a dear friend.
Ate wonderful homemade gluten free bread, and yummy oranges.
Snuggled with a pup.
Snuggled with a kitten.
Made gluten free peanut butter cookies with my mom, which later fell and crumbled into the oven in a huge disappointing mess...
But will be used in peanut butter cups tomorrow.
Made Cream of Spinach soup from scratch.  
(Perfect for cold weather and feeling sick)
And finally, a made a Man-Cheese-Sandwich.

When my little brother was younger he thought grilled cheese sandwiches were "Girl" cheese sandwiches. 
 "Mom, I don't want a Girl cheese sandwich. I want a Boy cheese sandwich."
Girl Cheese Sandwich: One slice of cheese.
Boy Cheese Sandwich: Two slices of cheese.
Man Cheese Sandwich: Two slices of cheese, and onions.

Even though my brother is now in high school, and much bigger than me.. these names still stick.


  1. here is a recipe for gluten free peanut butter cookies. these are the only peanut butter cookies that i make, they are the best!
    1 c. peanut butter
    1/2 c. white sugar
    1/2 c. brown sugar
    1 egg
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp vanilla
    dash of salt

    preheat oven to 350 degrees, combine ingredients, drop on cookie sheet with the cute little fork lines and bake for 8 minutes. It makes about a dozen. I hope these work for you!!

  2. All of your pictures are adorable. I hope you feel better soon. Everyone's getting sick here but me, it's just a matter of time.
    I wish I knew how to knit. You make such cute things!

  3. i hope the stuffy nose leaves quickly.

    omg i so love the photo of mowgli and the one of your lil sis painting your toes. i bet she loves having you home again!

    i miss you dear girl. but can come here and it really makes me smile. i think of our trip to the fair often. good times.

    reading your blog always brightens my day.

    love you sweetie!

  4. mmmm i need to try a man grilled cheese, i also love adding a tomatoe! are you allergic to gluten? one of my husbands best friends is and i never knew it was such a big deal, i kind of figured it was the same as being lactose intolerant! nevertheless..... the cookies look amazing, i made snickerdoodles last night! YUM!

  5. That is very sweet about the man-cheese sandwiches. My little brothers are not little at all anymore, but that doesn't stop me from seeing them as boys. Your picture of your little sister made me miss mine something fierce- she's not coming home for Christmas this year and my poor heart's so sad over it.

    I have (I'm certain) the same gluten free bread and oranges. We're snack buddies :)

    Hope the sniffles leave you soon.
    Happy Holidays

  6. I'm sorry you've been sick! :( get well soon!

  7. vicks vapor suggestion for any kind of cough or cold. just carry it around breathing it in, lol. it seriously works!

  8. Ha ha, cute. I want a man cheese sandwich!


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