Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love & Hate

Love: Overcast weather
Hate: Being too cold

Love: Wishing on 11:11
Hate: Forgetting to post this picture on 11/11

Love: My new necklace from Blueberryshoes
Hate: Forgetting to take pictures sooner!

Love: Trees with complimentary colors.
Hate: Nothing to hate when it comes to trees.

Love: Halloween candy on clearance
Hate: I can't eat it all! (Come help me.)

Love: Taking silly pictures so I can have a good laugh later. (Always works.)
Hate: I look like a bug.

Love: Getting stuff done and being caught up
Hate: Cleaning up afterwords

Love: Listing new pendants, and taking new and improved photos.
Hate: Loosing my perfect photography spot back in Arkansas.

Love: My sleepy puppy.
Hate: Nothing to hate about this guy.. 

 Love: Finding beautiful quotes to share!
Hate: Confusing people as to where I get them.
I get most of my quotes from Imagefave.com, ffffound.com, minimotivation.com, and from using stumbleupon. I always try to include a link, but if you miss it, check out these sites!

Love: Having Earth toenails.
Hate: My feet.

Love: Making new hats and adding them to the shop!
Hate: Nothing to hate about that!

Love Love Love Love: Today is my one year anniversary on Etsy!
(I know it says it was opened in March.. I forgot all about my Etsy account until last year!)
Once year ago today I decided to stop looking for a job. 
I decided to post a green scarf and a few hats on Etsy.
I haven't looked back. 
I get to do what I love every single day.
What's not to love about that?!
Hate: I wish I would have done it sooner!


  1. Congrats on your one year etsy anniversary and over 500 sales! Definitely the American dream if you ask me!

  2. Congrats on the Etsy success! I would love to read some tips, since I'm at the beginning of my 1 year journey! :-)

  3. Thanks! Joyce- I was totally planning on doing a blog post on Etsy tips! Hopefully this week! Thanks :)

  4. Congrats! love everything about this post!
    I would help you with the candy if I could.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! and you have come so far. :) you're an inspiration. just thought i'd tell you. you're creativity is mind boggling and amazing. i hope you never stop. :)

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
    Love: This post!!! You are so adorable!! If you were closer I would totally help you with that candy!! :) and your puppy's are so darling!!! and I love your necklace!!!!
    Hate: That I can't just buy everything in your shoppe!!! I just LOVE everything and your cute hats are at the top of my Christmas list!!! :)
    Have a wonderful day and Congrats again on your one year anniversary!!!!!

  7. I love everything about you!
    Nothing to hate!

  8. I have to know how you got Earth toennails...!!!

  9. ph this sis such a cute post! love and hate and the lovely photos you take! I am also one big fan of your hats so congratulations for your etsy anniversary <3

  10. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! I just celebrated mine last month. :)

  11. Congrats. I think your Quote is very suiting for your anniversary.

  12. Love: this post.
    Hate: how you are so darn adorable.
    Well I guess I like that you are adorable too. Happy Etsy Anniversary!


  13. Rachael, you are hands down my FAVORITE blogger.

    Congratulations on your one year etsy anniversary! I'm excited to see what the next year brings. :)

  14. Congrats on your one year, I love love those toenail paintings. :) so glad I found your blog.

  15. Congrats on your etsyversary!

    I've been listening to The Avett Brothers: The Ballad of Love and Hate on repeat for like a week.
    So I smiled when I saw the theme of this post!



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