Friday, October 29, 2010

Lesson Learned

Mowgli and I go on walks everyday. Sometimes 3 short walks, sometimes one big long walk.
He loves them as much as I do.

Lately the wind has been blowing the leaves all around us as we walk. I think it looks magical.
Mowgli thinks he should chase and catch each leaf. 
Oh, I love him.
He always stands with his feet pointing out like that.. What a silly guy.
I was trying to give him a leaf hat.. he didn't want any part of it.
Just as we were going inside he ran back and grabbed a leaf from the ground.
He brought the leaf in, and to my confusion.. he began to eat it.
Normally he just shreds leaves and paper all over the house.
He was actually consuming it and crunching it like it was a delicious treat,
and growling at Fungus when he got too close.
I wasn't sure if it was bad for him, so I took the leaf from him. 
This is Mowgli 5 hours later, with an upset tummy. He had just thrown up that leaf.
Lesson Learned?

Probably not.


  1. aww mowgli is so cute! he has a natural turn-out like a dancer hehe

  2. Oh poor little slugger! My maltipoo (Brighton) turns his paws out like that too, so bizarre, I'd never seen that before.

  3. poor baby!! i love his expression in the very last photo. what a sweetie :-)

  4. hahaha, poor little one! my cat does things like that all the time. it's both hilarious and tragic that she never seems to learn from her mistakes. that little kitty in your pictures is really cute, too!

  5. Poor Mowgli!!! Ace chases and eats leaves all the time on our walks, but this is also the dog that dives for rocks in the pond... Hopefully his tummy feels better soon!

  6. Aw, I'm melting! What a precious pup!
    I wish I lived by a forest...

  7. Mowgli is sweet!!! I like so much her eyes ;)

  8. My pups eat stupid stuff all the time. One time Oni ate some thing that made her throw up all night. A week later she was eating weird stuff off the ground again.

  9. mowgli looks so sweet and precious! and the photos are super lovely!

  10. Awwwwww!! Silly little pup!!
    My cats sometimes have issues with rubber bands and ribbon. Apparently this is a delicious treat, which results in us cleaning up barf. They just never learn!
    Happy Halloween love!

  11. what a cutie! your walk looks like so much fun!

  12. hahaha! love these, poor little dummy, happy halloween!!!!


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