Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Good to be Back

The shop is back open with 3 new animals beanies!
(I'm probably more excited about the shop being open again than you are..)

The wolf one is of course my favorite. It was the first animal hat I ever made.
I made it for myself and decided to sell them! (Which ends up always being the case.)

Check out the new hats here.
I also added a big bunch of stuff to the art shop!


  1. You are so speedy! The red one is my favorite (right now, at least)

  2. i like the top one the best. very cute!

  3. i just adore that last photo of you! and your outfit is fantastic! and the hats are super cute <3

  4. SO CUTE. You are ridiculously talented/adorable

  5. I've seriously been obsessing over your animal hats for a while... I need to just buy one already! Good luck with the big move! :)

  6. Oooh, I LOVE the dinosaur one!! Alas, I have no money. :C

  7. I just got a red one from my boyfriend for my birthday!! I LOVE it and wear it all the time, even inside! Thanks so much :)


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