Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm all moved in.
I have internet.
I am so happy.

It's been one crazy week. I took my shop off vacation and got a lot more orders than I expected. 
I have been crazy busy. I'm not complaining though. Trust me.

I just wanted to write a post.
I missed my blog and my blog friends!!

I LOVE my new apartment.
Taylor's job really hooked us up. 
(I love coasters!! Especially homemade ones.)

It's not just the inside of the place that I like..
I love that no matter what window I look out of, I see trees!
First thing I see out my back door:
First thing I see out of my front door:
It really feels like we live up in the mountains.
 Surrounded by trees and falling leaves.

Fall is almost here.

Before I get back to working on hats, I have some news.
I've had a few requests for photography prints to be sold in the shop.
So, over the next few days I will be adding some photographs. If you have any special requests for photos that you have liked in the past email me and I will list them for you!
From now on, photos that appear on the blog that will also be sold in the shop will have that little watermark on them. Meaning.. these two photos will be listed as well.

I'm so glad to be back! I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!


  1. Your house is a beaut!!! I seriously want you to come decorate mine!!

  2. Your house looks so good! I recently moved into a new house and it was so much fun getting to decorate everything :)

  3. congratulations- it looks like you've settled in nicely :)

  4. I love your apartment. It looks like home.

  5. Amazing apartment! And you have it set up so nicely! :)
    Glad you are happy there!

  6. Does this mean that I can finally send you your package? :]


  7. I love your bunting strung across the dining room. My mom made some for my wedding and I think I'll put it to the same use now! P.S., I think my kitty must have looked like yours when he was a baby - we adopted him last year when he was 2:

  8. your place is sooo beautiful!
    it looks so cozy! congrats ;)

  9. everythings is so so lovely!! beautiful place you got there :>


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