Thursday, August 12, 2010

What A Day

My day:

  • I was grumpy.

  • I stopped being grumpy.

 These pictures were totally candid thanks to my friend who was playing with my camera.

  • I accidentally dyed my hair black... or a very very very dark brown.

  • I played a good game of "Got your nose" with The Fun-guy. (Fungus... get it?!)
I promise I'm wearing a shirt here.
  • Had a fun game night with friends.
  • I finally got rid of my three day migraine. It took a lot of Excedrin...and a big double chocolate shake.. which is why it is 5:30 AM and I am awake and blogging, with very shaky hands.. and the giggles.

  • Saw this beautiful sight and realized... There really is sunshine beyond the clouds.

Tomorrow is another day. 

I don't think I'll wake up grumpy.


  1. Aw I'm sorry you had a grumpy day, but yay for finally getting rid of that headache! :]
    Those pictures of you are the cutest. I love the one with you and your cat. Adorable!! XO.

  2. You're so darn cute...and funny! I woke up way too early and needed a grin.

  3. Glad your migraine is gone {hate those! I have to take very expensive meds and it sucks just to get rid of mine!!!}
    Side note: I too dyed my hair black... not on purpose! :P Oh well!!! Still looks cute!

  4. Have you tried any of the medicines (prescription) like Imitrex for migraines? I've had migraines all my life and when Imitrex was invented it changed my life!! NOTHING else ever worked, just made me sicker.

    Downside: it is expensive. But now there is a generic version that is cheaper. I'm lucky to have insurance, and the generic version is only $5 per prescription. Cheaper than a bottle of Excedrin lol.

    Not trying to push prescription drugs on you, but having suffered with migraine headaches, I'm sooo thankful that I can finally take something that gets rid of one. I hate to hear of anyone suffering with migraines!

    Be well,

  5. I love that last photo!
    & the pics of you 2 are really sweet!
    Glad your feeling better!
    :) Jamie

  6. I think you can pull off black hair.

  7. You are so adorable. I love those candid photos and the ending of the perfect picture. Wow.


  8. Rachael, you are the absolute cutest! lol

    I'm so glad your headache went away. xoxo

  9. found your blog from my sisters (corine) plus i think we might have met once or twcie. but i think your blog, and etsy stuff are super cute!

  10. I hope you are feeling better. I hate getting headaches! I am so sorry you inherited them from me. If you take excedrine at the very first sign of a headache it will go away faster and it won't keep coming back for a week or so. An ice bag also helps. Get feeling better!

  11. that's such a beautiful photo! :)

  12. I once tried to dye my hair red and it was black, then faded to purple, then a bright orange. Bleh! but I think you look fantastic with dark hair!!!


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