Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life in Chickenopolis

We are currently living in the "Chicken Capital Of The World." We are a little ways from Fayetteville, Tyson Foods is located here. We often see trucks full of chickens and even large statues of chickens.
Living in a hotel is starting to bother me. One more month until we move. Where to? I have no idea. 

Taylor has been on the phone all morning trying to figure things out. 

My heart is pounding really fast..

Once again there is that question... 

"Where will we go next?"


  1. How exciting...those pictures are really good, how fun to explore a totally new place??

  2. Those photos are amazing, it kind of looks like you have stepped back in time... :) Hope you get out of the hotel soon and find a great place to set up!

  3. Maybe you will go to Florida! Somehow that state popped in my head. North Dakota might be a possibility too!

  4. Waffle Hut? I've never seen one before, haha...but the place you're at looks very similar to where I grew up in South Carolina. Enjoy your quiet time there. :)

  5. Before you Go, Set the Chickens Free!!!


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