Saturday, July 10, 2010

My One True Love

My one true love is painting.

I've been a busy girl... Lots of hats to make. BUT the weekend is here and all I want to do is paint. This seems to be my favorite weekend hobby. No cleaning, no cooking, I don't even get dressed all the way. I just paint.

I did take a nice break today to scan in my finished paintings and edit some photos of some new thing to be added to the shop.

Talk2thetrees just got a little more random. I just can't help myself, I'm a random person.

Here are some of the newest paintings.

Just to clarify, 
1. I didn't paint all of these in one day..
most of them have been sitting around waiting for me to show them off.
2. Yes, the girls are not wearing clothes. Taylor brought that up to me.
I figure if I don't like clothes, they probably don't either.

Now here is where the variety comes in.

I don't plan on turning Talk2thetrees into a jewelry shop.
I just have a lot of beautiful gemstones that need new homes.
(As well as wonderful leaf and bird pendants.)
These are one of a kind and will never be replicated or relisted.

 Oh yes.. is mine now. 
I'm so very excited about this.
Of course it just takes you to my shop...
I will design a website as soon as I have time.

I'm almost done with all the listing and the editing and all that boring stuff...
I still have a few surprises to list.. but for now.. 

I'm gonna paint!!


  1. These are beautiful. you are very good

  2. haha the naked paintings! :)

    and i am coveting those necklaces. maybe i can talk the husband into an early birthday present. six months early? he might buy it.

  3. Way pretty stuff! I miss you!

  4. love the leaf pendant and your randomness :)

  5. Gorgeous artwork. I love that jewelry also!!!

  6. I love that little bird necklace so much!

    The way you paint eyes is so pretty, they are really expressive :)

  7. I love your blog, you got yourself a new follower :)
    xx, Jamie

  8. very lovely! i absolutely adore every piece!


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