Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just wait until August

It was Sunday, Taylor's only day off. I was craving adventure. 

I had plans.

My plans don't really count as plans.. 

My plan was: Go on an adventure.

I didn't know where we would go or anything.
Sunday morning we woke up to rain, thunder and lightning. I expected it to let up. I went out onto the balcony and asked politely for the rain to stop. 
(I was planning on taking photos of my new hats that day too.)
Taylor saw that I was disappointed, he insisted that we go out anyways. Driving on the freeway was intense. We saw cars pulled over under the bridges. Most cars were going 25 miles an hour on the freeway. We could barely see anything.
The rain suddenly let up. It was then 101 degrees.
101 degrees and humid.
Very humid. My hair was curling like crazy. It was hard to breathe.
My mom called later and asked how my day was and what I did.
I explained the weather.
I think she laughed and said,
"Just wait until August."



  1. dont you just love being in arkansas for summer!!! i hate the humidity but the fall's here are amazing!
    i see you saw where the rivermarket is....very nice photos girl :-)


    i adore the new hats....and your, so adorable!!


  2. Oh- I love adventures and your black and white photos! Gorgeous!

    I was going to say my fave was the first one but I really love the bus one too! I love looking at all your photos ♥

  3. i thought all that scenery looked familiar!! im from batesville, ar...about an hour fifteen north from little rock! i would love to see a little list of the 'adventure' places you visit in and around little rock! my mister and our 2 lovebugs go on adventures all the time and are constantly looking for new places. also---im dying to find some good thrift stores in little rock. not too many people enjoy thrift stores, flea markets, antique malls like i do so i don't have a lot of folks to ask!! im so glad i found your site!!!!

  4. I can almost see the water in the air... gotta love humidity!

  5. Loved your photos and your esty shop is awesome. Following you now, kind lady! :)


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