Friday, May 28, 2010

Just My Luck!

I'm a very lucky person. 
I'm not talking about the "I have the best friends and family" kind of luck.
(Even though I am lucky in that area.) 
I'm talking about the "good things happen to me" kind of luck.

It's true.
I've always been lucky.

I always win drawings and prizes, and good things just happen to me.

Don't be jealous. I will tell you my secret.
Aside from eating black eyed peas for New Years every year..
I just decided to be lucky.
 When I was little, I never wanted to have bad luck. So I claimed I had good luck.

I still do.
Of course bad things happen to me. I don't win every drawing I enter.
The airlines have still lost my luggage.
But I never blame it on bad luck.
Because once you blame it on "bad luck" your luck gets bad.
You start to notice more and more bad things that happen to you.
You start to focus on the negative things that could happen.
Then they will happen.
Tell yourself you are lucky, and you will start to see the good luck that comes your way.
Focus on the positive things that happen and more happiness will come to you.
When something bad does happen, try to see the bright side. (This can be very hard.)
Because the  world is just too beautiful, and we are so lucky to be a part of it.
 "Good luck" can be anyone's. Happy things are for everyone.
It may not even be "luck."
Positive thinking can take you far.
This is my Lucky Four Leaf Clover.
I found it in North Carolina.
I asked Seth, Taylor's little brother to find me one because he was bored.
I looked down at my bare feet and found this guy leaning against my toe.
Begging to be found and taken home.

 He has since been dried and preserved in clear resin for me to wear whenever I need some extra luck.

One leaf is for FAITH...     The second for HOPE...

The third for LOVE...         And the fourth for LUCK!

It has been estimated that there are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover.

Aren't I lucky?!


  1. after a rough week this is just what i needed to read :) thanks rach!

  2. OMG you have made me start a weekend in the most amazing way Rachael, I'm a stranger but I love you and your blog! I'm lucky to read you ;)

  3. You have always been lucky! I love the pictures and of course the four leaf clover.. you did a beautiful job on it!

  4. What a great post! Lovely photos.

  5. Yes, my dear, you are indeed, and just by sharing a good thing... a way of positive thought... you've impounded it by three:))))

  6. true true- very true... I like the positive affirmation... How cute it was at your toe! I love those pompom looking flowers- those are awesome....

  7. This is absolutely true! Postive attracts good vibes. However, Iam not quite as lucky as you when it comes to winning prizes. Hmm.. maybe I should give it another go. :)

    Thanks for a lovely start to the day, Rachael!


  8. Lucky indeed ;)

    brilliant, lovely blog!
    Cheers, Jesa

  9. You've certainly got the right idea Rachael, thanks for the positive vibe!

  10. i've had so much fun reading this. you're totally right, of course. positivity ftw! and i LOVE this quote: "Happy things are for everyone." <3

  11. Rach you are just too cute. I always LOVE reading your different blogs! You are so creative. And I have a four leaf clover necklace too! Such a cute idea:) Great post!


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