Friday, April 9, 2010

Springtime in DC

After our trip to the Outer Banks we explored Raleigh for a bit.
I am so in love with this city.
This is the LDS Temple. Beautiful.
I love spring time.
Next we explored the Oakwood Cemetery,
One of my favorite places here in North Carolina.
I even found a four leaf clover. (more on that later) 
We explored the cemetery for a while. 
Everyone seemed interested except poor Seth.

The next day we headed out to Washington DC
Seth didn't care for Washington DC at all. 
Happy camper?
Oh, how I love my new brother....
Washington DC is so amazing.
I wish we had more time there.
We went to a few museums.
I could have spent days in each museum...
But we only had a few hours to go to them before they closed.
We were only able to spend a day and a half in Washington DC.
We headed back late that night and came home to a very distraught canine.
We had to leave him over night. I felt bad and really didn't want to but we didn't have a choice.
We came in at 3 in the morning to a very excited puppy friend.

I held him in my arms giving him kisses as he hyperventilated and whined with excitement.
It feels good to be loved.

Tomorrow we move.
Are we packed?

I just don't want to go.


  1. I absolutely loved DC when i was there! it's so pretty. :) great pictures.

  2. I love DC too! I think we should go together sometime. Good luck with your move!

  3. My cousins were in DC?? I wish I would have known! I would have loved to meet for lunch or something! I'm glad you liked it though. It's fantastic.

  4. DC is one of my most favorite cities! There's no place like it! It's amazing in the Spring! You guys look like you had SO much fun :)


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