Monday, April 19, 2010

A Bit Out Of Sorts

I have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately.
Like I'm not quite myself.
Or I'm not all here.
Maybe a part of me is in Utah,
and another part is back in California or North Carolina, maybe even Idaho...
Who knows.
Maybe I really am all here and I just haven't unpacked that part yet.

It could be that it just doesn't feel like home yet.
See that shiny (dare I say) sexy little laptop on the couch?
I saved up for that and got it in the mail today!
Mowgli has a new hobby.
It's called looking at the window and barking at anything that moves.
It's a migraine causing hobby, but I just can't convince myself to close the blinds!
Tea for breakfast.
We get the greatest view from our patio.
Today's View: Fuzzy squirrel butt.
I wish I had a tail like a squirrel.
I think my gargoyle is not doing his job in guarding my mantle.
Look at that grin.
Toothy grin of a lazy guardian.
Now I think i need to straighten my Wall of Art.
No wonder my gargoyle is laughing.
Full sized kitchen means:
Meals will be cooked here.
No more ramen.
 Calla lilies will always remind me of my sister Kate.
Her birthday is tomorrow.
I worry about poor Tree-Man's health.
All that smoke can't be good for him.
I apologize, I just really like incense. 
Mother, here is the bonsai! I pruned and trimmed him down to size.
Isn't he a beauty?
Mowgli must always be the center of attention.
The first thing I see when I look out my window is this.
Oh, how I love nature.

Did you hear?
We are living with roommates.

I promised myself last year I would never live with roommates again.
Just like the 12 year old me promised myself I would never live in Arkansas.

Here I am, living in Arkansas with roommates.

Life is tricky sometimes.
You never know just what to expect.


  1. I love the bonsai tree! You will have to teach me how to do it! You have a nice apartment and a wonderful view. Arkansas is full of nature! You will enjoy the summer there.

  2. 1st of all...GORGEOUS., geez that's a perfect view and i love the pad! so niceeeee and huuuuuuuge compared to ours haha. very cool. 2nd of all...the roommates. that sucks haha. best of luck this time!

  3. I love all you pics Rach! You really are talented:) Arkansas looks pretty already! I love your bonsai tree! I want one!

  4. steve jobs will change your life! you will want to marry him. or at least make him cookies. your new place is perfect :) i am so envious of all your adventures.

  5. You have such a cute place! And I love calla lilies, they were my flowers for my wedding. I'm sorry about the roommates. I hope they are better than your past roommates. And I'm really happy you have trees outside. I always pictured Arkansas as pretty barren or grassy for some reason...

  6. I rather enjoy roommates. I didn't think I did until I started using craigslist and stopped bunking with friends. Now, no problem.

    I have a scare Gnome who seems to have the same problem as your gargoyle. He is letting gnomes onto the porch to make noise. Bad scare Gnome!

  7. How beautiful! What a pretty house :D

  8. now that is one very lovely view to wake up to and come home to. and it looks like your place is getting cozy and personal..i hope you start to feel relaxed soon!

    and roommates...whaa?

  9. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts as well. I think there's something in the air.
    your home is beautiful!! and Mowgli is the cutest.
    my dog is the same way. she barks at everyyything.
    XO. m

  10. Your home is so pretty! It's bright and cheerful and open and I love it! Sucks that You have to have rommies though, Hope they turn out to be super instead of tards.

  11. I like how you seem to photograph everything, anything. And then you post it here. And even though I don't know you, I still like hearing your stories, little statements.

    P.S. You've been tagged.

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  13. It looks like a forest right outside your window! I'm envious ;)

    I've got a custom project in mind for you.. I'll wait until your nice and settled in though to spring it on you! Looks like your well on your way. :D


  14. I know just how you feel, Rachel! Trust me. It's hard. I still feel like part of me disappeared when I moved here. Your home looks so cute! I'm glad you got to live near the forest :)

  15. I love your blog! Arkansas doesn't look bad at all. Driving across the country made me realize how awesome Utah is lol


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