Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dear Readers,

Dear Readers/Friends/Family/Followers,

     This blog has been going for quite some time. It was never really updated and the posts were never well thought out. I didn't even post about my own wedding! (I did have another personal blog at the time.) But this blog has been with me for a few years. Don't go back too far the posts get really boring and most likely embarrassing.

I really started putting my heart into it last summer, and even more so in November.
I've been moving around for the last year and I'm not very good at making friends.  
(I promised myself I would try harder this April)  
So this blog has been very good for me.
First it was a way for me to express myself artistically, you know record the things I make.
Then it was a good way to show our parents that we are indeed alive and having fun.
Then I started getting readers, and my blog has become so much more.

My Dad called me a few days ago, he was worried about me. I told him I was fine, I wasn't sick or anything. He said he felt like I was lonely. I teared up a bit. (My dad is so intuitive.)
I feel like most of my friends back home have forgotten me.
The only time I use my phone is to talk to my Mom.
(Which doesn't really bother me because my Mom is my best friend.)
I have become quite the hermit, since I tend to put up walls.

I told my dad that I had been feeling lonely, but it's okay because I have my blog.
It sounds silly, I know.

My dad told me to be careful of online predators and I giggled a little as we said good bye.

The truth is, this blog is my friend. Sometimes this is the only place I can express myself.
It's really helped me.

I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for your comments and your emails.
Thank you for being so nice to me.

The thing is... most of you are complete strangers. People I've never met. You don't have to be nice, but you are, and it means so much to me.  
Thank you.

And thank you to those who do know me. Thanks for your support and for totally not making fun of me when I probably deserve it.

You've all made my life a lot brighter! 

Newest painting.. posted in the shop.

So before I say goodbye I want to leave you with a little cliff hanger. 
Come back on Monday... 
I have a surprise for you. 

Thanks again and love always,


  1. oh rachel i love you :) and more than once it has been your blog that has brightened my day!

  2. i feel awkward saying it but i feel the same way about my blog and the other people i have "met" through it. we've moved around too but my etsy shop and blog are so portable and reading people's comments or being able to relate to other bloggers such as yourself really makes me smile..i'm so glad i'm putting more of an effort into it. otherwise i'm just sitting and sewing/knitting at home and that can get lonely.

  3. Rachael I can agree with you on so many of the points you made in this post. I don't even know you but I absolutely love your blog and your Etsy shop. I love this new found blog community that I am a part of and sometimes it's all I have too! Thank you for your lovely posts and your gorgeous pics. You deserve all the success that comes your way.

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  5. First of all, I am happy that your blog actually loaded for me! There are many negative things said about being on the internet, but if you think about it, the internet has also opened so many doors to "meeting" people you wouldn't ever have the chance of meeting and then you find there are so many people who have similar stories and you can relate to them, so that is so awesome.

    I am glad I "met" you on Etsy and your blogs and all the things you create are beautiful because you are just a beautiful person inside and out! Loneliness comes and goes, but it's nice to know there are people all over the world that genuinely care about you. It's one of those awesome things that you don't always think about, but when you do, it makes you want to cry, but in a good way. Blogs/writing are such a lovely way to get all that stuff out so that's why it's such a great outlet! *hugs to you*

  6. I know exactly what you mean. I feel like I can be more myself on my blog than I do in real life sometimes. I'm braver and more outgoing. I love to try new things and share them. But in real life, I'm shy and quiet and afraid to let people know the real me. I'm trying to make an effort, too. :) I have noticed that since I started this blog I have slowly opened up more in real life too. It's kind of cool. I spend so much time worrying about what people will think of me that I don't enjoy myself. Well, now I'm going to be that way all the time. I'm going to be brave...just like you. :)

    You are very talented so just remember that when you are afraid to be yourself and open up. If this blog is any indication of the type of person you really are, then people will love you! :)

  7. It is not the quanity of friends you have, but that you have at least one true one and it appears you have that with your hubby. ;)

  8. I know what ya mean-----I love ya though even though i don't know ya hahaha i love your blog it brightens my day and i love all your pictures your really pretty and i hope ya make some new friends cause ain't cool

    Cant wait for the surprise!!! ha ha :)

  9. Hi Rachael! Isn't it weird how a blog can do that? I'm so glad for your blog because through it I was able to meet (not in person but you know ) such an amazing person!!
    I'm sorry you're feeling lonely! I wish I could take that away for you! if you want we can always exchange phone numbers or do video chats :) I know it's not the same in person but ..we can pretend! :)

    Praying for you beautiful!!

  10. Love you. Love how honest you always are. wish you guys lived closer. But love that we are bloggy friends

  11. Rachael! I was hoping you had updated your blog tonight and you did! yay! I love talking to you on the phone--it always makes me happy! I miss you terribly. We should get on Skype Monday!

    You have friends in many places! Never forget the love they have for you. Never forget the love your family has for you--Never be afraid to make more friends--you have a lot to offer! I love you more than you will ever know!

  12. I know how you feel and I agree completely... When I moved to Portugal, I didn't know anyone, I didn't even speak portuguese! And I still find it hard to have human contact, I have to learn again to make friends.
    Probably if my blog wasn't there for me, I would be in a super bad depression.
    So yeah, I know exactly the way you feel. I only have my husband to talk to as a friend, and he's out working all day, sometimes for 2 days or a bit longer...
    Oh well.
    You can always talk to the trees!

    A big, big hug!

  13. You're not alone in this world! I know that lonely feeling you talk of as I have it too...
    I love me blog as well but I have not connected with any one of my followers like it sounds like you have. I'm very happy for you - that you have a place that helps you express your creativity as well as make friends :)
    I love reading your blog, sorry I don't leave more comments.

  14. Thank you! For bringing us all the yummyness in your posts! And also for sharing your world with us!

    Grts, Sylvie!

  15. Aww Rachael, you're loved, you really are :o) Your honesty and experiences are so endearing.. it's nice to know that some people share the same troubles..and it's even nicer to hear what helps them through.. Thankyou for being so inspiring & i hope you'll stick around for another few years (^_^)

    BIG hugs!

    Chloe x

  16. awww this is so heart warming... i can totally relate, as much as im back in my hometown is still feel a bit like an outsider, especially as i work so heavily on here and my store in my free time... seriously i dont get out hardly ever! your dad is wonderful for giving you a little boost by understanding. its very hard when you're in unfamiliar territory completely which was the situation i was in before coming back and that was a LOT worse. i love the etsy community because we all look out for eachother so sharing things like this is always a good thing :) beautiful photos btw!

  17. Well done and well said. Keep up the hard work. I know that moving around can be tough, photography is what got me through it. Have a good weekend.

  18. i can tell you that i really really do know how you feel. my blog has been the same for me. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one.

    if for any reason you need to stop by athens when you move, we'd be glad to have you. for real.

  19. I definitely look forward to your blog, it's refreshing compared to other blogs that are so standard "this was our weekend" posts. I know how it feels to move to a differnt state and feel like you have no friends and your old friends forgot about you. It was really hard for me. Hope you make friends in Arkansas!


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