Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear March,

I'm so happy to see you! You are my favorite month. Not just because it's my birthday month or my sister's birthday month, or because we love St. Patrick's Day and celebrate with silly gifts and games. You also mean spring! Even though you aren't always bright and sunny, you are still the first sign of spring. We can take off one layer of our jackets, sometimes get away with wearing sandals and maybe, just maybe go barefoot. (My favorite thing)
March, you inspired this purple hat. It reminds me of spring and of lilacs. I love the smell of lilacs. You wouldn't really know what they smell like because lilacs like to bloom in May, and by May you are sleeping. But this hat reminds me of spring, and so do you, so cheer up Champ.
I hope you stay a while and keep me company. I'm sad that I will miss the St. Patrick's day party.
Love Rachael


  1. Hey you!!! I got your email but I wasn't sure how to email back cuz it said not to reply to the email sent... and I couldn't figure out how to email you through etsy! I have to say that I LOVE the Peacock headbands and I love the natural one too!!! that's the other one I have my eye on!!! and I've been promoting your site to EVERYONE! Oh and I just started wearing my flipflops!!! and if I could go barefoot I would!!!

  2. If I can be honest with you . . . I never stopped wearing sandals. My poor unused socks. Love the hat, it's bright and beautiful, and very spring-like. So excited for spring!

  3. Yay for spring! We will miss you at the Saint Patrick's Day Party. Maybe you can have one in NC. If you need the recipe to the corned beef dish let me know.

  4. Haha March doesn't equal spring in Chicago unfortunately, but I'm loving it for you! And I love the purple hat =)

  5. Oh for Spring! But we're expecting more snow this weekend ...
    Love the new hat and the reference to lilacs, which are my favorite flower .... can't wait til they bloom again!

  6. aWW YAY! I was so glad to see you comment:) I absolutely love your page and your stuff!! I love how you personalized this message to march. it's absolutely amazin! you're super cute! when's your birthday?!

  7. I love this picture of you...absolutely beautiful!!!


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