Saturday, March 6, 2010

Break from Routine

I get bored so easily. (Which is why I change my hair so much.) For the past few days I have been making the same hat... over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all.
I love to knit and I love my hats.

I just got a bit bored.

Today I decided to put all my focus on this here bloggy. I changed just about everything... and my arm actually hurts. It took me forever because I'm so sloppy and not very technical. I never remember to back up my template so when I make a mistake it gets messy, and I get cranky.  Captain, who is technical tried to help me, but he really didn't know what he was talking about. He just leaned on me trying to sound smart and getting on my nerves. I finally shook him off and am now to a point where I feel done.
I'm pleased.
My blog looks different and I like it.

I'm totally willing to decorate my blog with other blogger's buttons.. so if you've got em,  
lets swap! Just leave a comment!

I just realized I haven't eaten anything and Mowgli has been crying at the door for about ten minutes.
 I'm a terrible wife/pet owner. 


  1. The Blog Looks Great! Nice Job!
    how did u add your own custom buttons?

  2. Very nice! I was actually getting on to change mine around, but I'm not as ambitious as you, I'm just changing the background. But again, very nice! I like it!

  3. very nice lay out, but maybe you have to change one more thing. The right border doesnt stay on place when you have a big screen. Guess you made it on 1445 px width. My screen is bigger and the purple bar on the right stays there and runs to text.

  4. @ FI, Thanks for letting me know! I will see if I can work on that!!

  5. cute blog!
    and i totally know what you mean about it taking forever, i just redid a bunch of my stuff and i swear it took 12 hours!

  6. Love the changes! High five!

  7. looking good, especially like the buttons all in a row at the top! my graphic designer fiance and i are putting our heads together for a blog remake of my own only IT IS TAKING FOOORRREEVVVAAAHHH!

  8. Your log is so fresh and inviting!

  9. I just re-discivered your blog. I love your crocheted hats and had put one in a treasury I was creating but I had trouble making that treasury so it never really came to fruition. Any ideas where I can get a button made? I would love to swap button/blog links.


  10. I have my first attempt of a button on my blog. Hopefully I can make some cuter ones soon. I would love to swap buttons on our blogs.

    Thank you for considering mine.



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