Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sun Came Out Today, But Only For a Moment

Today has not been a very good day.
In fact I've been a little down all week.
Anyone know any good jokes?

Those new headbands are now available at the shop.


  1. I only know the same jokes I told you when you were little.. but it is a mushroom joke, and you like mushrooms-- so here is goes.. again
    why did the girl mushroom like the boy mushroom?

    because he was a fungi! fun guy.... haha

  2. Alright this is lame (just warning you) but i spent my whole weekend with eleven middle schoolrs and in that time i heard this joke...

    How do you wake Lady Gaga up?

    Poker face

  3. I suck at jokes BUT I found this awesome video that will make you laugh, I promise:
    Have an awesome day and spend some quality time with Mowgli!! He'll make you happy too.
    A big hug!!

  4. i don't have a joke, but i do love those new photos! gorgeous light.

  5. Hi there !, thaz nicz that Barking Dog Enterprises appears in your left-hand column creative minds. Bark 4 art! And thank you
    It's March 1. We can all feel a little happier about that. Like the old barn picture. I need a piece of old barn wood...hmmmm.

  6. I'm ridiculously ready for spring! K, here's my fav joke:

    Q: What did the farmer say when his tractor wouldn't start?

    A: "Why won't my tractor start?!"

  7. Yea, it's been miserable. Um, joke-wise. Some high school kid told me this to cheer me up hahaha:
    A bear walks into the bar and says "can i have a -pause- beer?"
    the bartender goes: "why the pause?"
    the bear holds up his "paws" and says "because I'm a bear!"
    Yea, I know, it's not very funny =( But I hope life cheers up soon!

  8. that is so awesome to have found a mix cd on the road with Rocky on it! what else was on it? what an amazing find for free! you should check out his new cd, it is truly amazing!!!

  9. Here's a lame one
    Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

    Because he felt crummy!


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