Friday, February 19, 2010

I Looooove when I'm Right!

 Captain Alaska and I were out shopping at our favorite stores. 
Rachael = Michaels
Captain = Best Buy

We decided to go out to dinner. We recently found a new place. 
Taylor though it was in Raleigh.
20 minutes away from where we were.

He found it in the GPS and so we hopped in the car. 
We get to the restaurant and it had been closed down! 
I said, "This isn't the one we went to."
Captain insisted it was.

I point out that there is an art store across the street and a chocolate store right next door to this one.
The one we went to didn't have any chocolate stores close by.
Captain said I just didn't notice the first time.

Me not notice chocolate and art stores?

Anyways we got into an argument about if this was the store we went to the first time. 
Our GPS could only find one. 

I'm stubborn.
We both are.
Our conversation was like this.
"I am right! YOU are wrong!! Stop arguing with me!"
"The one we went to had a bigger parking lot!"
"You just don't remember!!"

We were both getting a little mad.

Well I did some research, (cause I knew I was right. )
I found the restaurant.
Back by Michaels and Best Buy.

Captain was still convinced that he was right until:
We pulled up.
Walked into the resteraunt.
Saw familiar employees.

He finally said, "You were right."
I danced a little. Then I got it in writing.

Yes indeed.
It was very funny though. 
I gloated and danced and bragged alllllll night.
Then I bought him some of his favorite candy.
You know, to help him feel better.

Going on crazy journeys to prove who is right and who is wrong isn't all I've been up to.
I have had some BIG custom projects.

I like custom orders.
They keep me on my toes.
Sometimes it seems I knit the same thing over and over again.

These last two projects have been very different from what I normally do.

First is a 16X20 painting.
Definitely not my normal style of painting.
But sometimes that's just what you need right
This was a Valentine's Gift.
Her boyfriend is a break dancer, 
and she wanted her boyfriend's breakdance name to be in the background.
This reminded me of my brother in law. 
I thought he would probably like this.

Next was a scarf.
Scarves take so long! 
But the owner of this scarf was very patient with me.
I even learned a new stitch for this one.
This scarf is every light and delicate.
Made with silk and alpaca yarn.

Well if all goes well I should have some NEW things for the shop this weekend!
Wouldn't that be nice?

Oh and we have had this fella hanging around our back porch. 
Charming isn't he?
He is Measle's new friend. 
That is what he looks like all the time. 
He meows like a human pretending to meow.

Still no news on where we move to next. 
Sorry for getting your hopes up.
Mine were up too.
I secretly think it will be Chicago too!


  1. Bwahaha! It's those little victories that get us through theday!

  2. Hahaha so I'm sitting next to my husband and I was laughing about your post, so he asked what it was about. After I re-told your "i'm right" story, we quickly got into an argument over who is always right and who is always wrong... Humpf, I guess it's just a married thing... maybe.

  3. your posts are so entertaining, excellent read as usual. and a loverly scarf i might add!

  4. Get it in writing! why didn't I think of that. Brilliant.

  5. Cute story :) I'm emmanemhandmade, following you from swapbot!


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