Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was curious to know what other people thought of my Etsy shop, so I asked some other sellers for some help.

I got plenty of help and advice. They were honest but they didn't try to hurt my feelings.
I liked that.

I was given the advice to have lighter pictures. Just as I thought. (The last time Taylor and I went to get pictures the sun was setting.. they didn't turn out too good.)
 Have better descriptions, and smile more in the pictures.

So we tried again today. My Etsy Shop has been redone.
New pictures, new descriptions, and new items. So have a look.

Here are a few of the newer pictures. I personally think they look way better than the last batch.

Thanks to all of you on Etsy who helped me with my pictures!

Pssst, see those legwarmers? Those have just been sold and will be sent to their new home ASAP.


  1. Rachael
    Beautiful Blog! Thanks for your comment on my Facebook tutorial post on my blog. I'm glad it was helpful for you! I'm going to send you a convo directly on Etsy to help you with your MyEtsy question.
    Have a great day!
    ♥ ceejay

  2. I just love your pixie hats. I must buy one..

  3. I think the new pictures look great. Heck, YOU look great! Such pretty hair! And I love the red cape on you. It's adorable.

  4. Your pictures look great and you have a lovely smile!

  5. The pictures with you in them are my favorites. You are so photogenic!

  6. Very nice pictures. I'm off to check out your Etsy shop's makeover :) You have wonderful stuff from the looks of these pictures!


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