Thursday, August 13, 2009

What makes someone an Artist?

Is there a certificate you get when you have completed a number of paintings? Are you an Official Artist once you win an Art Competition? Do you have to have your very own studio? You're very own Gallery?! Or is it when you sell your first painting?

Today I was on FaceBook, I noticed someone's status saying they were sick of self proclaimed "Artists" I was a bit offended. Since my occupation claims that I am an Artist. Art is about all I do. I don't get paid much for it, I don't get a salary. I am an Artist because of one simple thing. I MAKE ART! I may not be famous. I may not be dead. I'm still making art.

There is more to it then just painting. I consider photography as Art. Music is Art. Sewing and clothing design is Art. Graphic Design is Art. That candy wrapper next to you was designed by someone, sketched out by someone... PAINTED by someone... Going into someone's clean and nicely decorated house is ART!

Selling a painting is just a proof that someone
likes your work enough to pay for it and show it in their house. You don’t have to sell paintings in order to be an artist.

Art is ALL around you. The couch you are sitting on. The T-shirt you are wearing. The layout of the page you are reading right now. Even the words you are reading.

Art is a way of thinking, a way of living, a way of feeling.

If you feel like you are an artist in any way..Proclaim yourself as one! If anyone has a problem with that.. You can just print this baby out and fill in the blanks. I signed as once witness. It won't actually change anything of course. Because no paper, no badge, no one can tell you that you aren't an artist.


  1. Hello, My name is Bonnie and I am an artist.

  2. I even pulled off being a music teacher for 2 years.

  3. Hi,thanks for your coment in my blog, by the way i think that everyone could be an artist, if you like anything so much and you really care for that so why couldn´t you be an artist in what you do, so there is no need of a paper wich says that you´re a qualified artist!


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